Dr Vapes Panther Series

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Dr Vapes Panther Series

5 Fabulous Flavours:

  • Black Panther – Experience flavours from all corners of the world with Havana tobacco, enriched with whirls of smooth Madagascar Bourbon vanilla, topped off with sticky, velvety peaks of melted Turkish ice cream. Created with the true vape connoisseur in mind.


  • Blue Panther – Blue Panther Shortfill e-liquid by Dr. Vapes recreates the distinct flavour of blue slushie using the sweet, tartness of blue raspberry notes, for a sweet and bright tasting vape.


  • * NEW * Blue Panther Ice – A blend of blue raspberries in a sweet slush with a hint of ice.


  • Gold Panther – This “Liquid Gold” is put together by fresh honey glazed lychees quickly backed up by the finest mangoes and guavas and the slightest bit of ice. The result? An explosive tropical kick! 70% Lychee, 15% Mango 10% Guava 5% Ice.


  • Pink Panther – Straight from the heart of the jungle, a lip smacking blend of wild blackcurrant soft drink mixed with twirls of luscious cotton candy. The perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth.


  • Purple Panther – A rich and tasteful grape flavour made to perfection. Equally split with 3 grape varieties making sure it hits the spot every time! Experience a perfectly balanced aromatic, sweet and tarty flavour bursting with a juicy mix of red, green and dark concord grapes. 33% White Grape, 33% Red Grape, 33% Concord Grape.


Dr Vapes Panther Series is 78VG/22PG and comes in a 60ml bottle containing 50ml of e-liqui

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Black Panther, Blue Panther, Blue Panther Ice, Gold Panther, Pink Panther, Purple Panther


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