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    Hangsen ATOM 50

    This range from Hangsen consists of 12 great flavours, it is new and improved and a lot more versatile due to the 50vg/50pg mix ratio, meaning it can be used in a much wider variety of e-cigarettes.

    To Be Discontinued:

    Virginia Tobacco 3mg

    Hangsen Atom 50 Fruit Flavours

    Blueberry – A full bodied vape, packed with blueberry.

    Forest Fruits – Rich and tart throughout, a combination of mixed berries, strawberry and blueberry.

    Mango Island – Soft and fruity, a tropical mango that is sweet and juicy with a fusion of ice and honey on the exhale.

    Purple Grape – Fragrant and rich, ripe and juicy black grape combined with mixed berries and low mint.

    Strawberry – A ripe sweet strawberry, with a consistent simple experience.

    Hangsen Atom 50 Menthol Flavours

    Hangsenberg – Mix of fruity flavours, menthol and aniseed, Classic fruity taste with a menthol kick.

    Menthol – Fantastic on its own for those who enjoy a strong hit of cool menthol, or it can be added to other flavours to give them a fresh kick.

    Menthol Sensation – . A light and sweet menthol flavour with floral notes on inhale is complemented by a rolling wave of ice on exhale.

    Hangsen Atom 50 Tobacco Flavours

    Gold & Silver – A rich, full-bodied e-liquid with plenty of natural tobacco flavour.

    RY4 – Blended tobacco e-liquid with caramel and a hint of chocolate and vanilla.

    Tobacco – This classic British tobacco is one of our most popular lines of e liquid. Hangsen have worked hard to reproduce the classic flavour of traditional British cigarettes.

    Virginia – Offers the distinct taste and flavour of rolling tobacco which, when used with the right vaping device, creates an incredibly realistic smoking experience.


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