myblu Intense Starter Kit (Inc 2 x Pods)

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myblu Intense starter kit Features a 350mah battery that lasts all day, and charges in 20 minutes you’ll be ready for whatever the day brings you. Swap flavours in one click. With Myblu, you will get more satisfaction without any hassle. Myblu flavour pods available HERE. Or click myblu Intense Liquid Pods for intense pods.

– Ultimate satisfaction, vapour delivery and convenience on the go.

– 1 click liquid pods lets you switch flavours in seconds with no hassle.

– Reliable power and rapid recharging in only 20 minutes.

Package Contents for the Myblu Intense Starter kit:

  • Myblu™ device
  • 1 x  Golden Tobacco 1.5ml pod
  • 1 x Menthol 1.5ml pod
  • Micro USB charger

Only compatible with myblu™ Liquidpods and myblu Intense Liquid Pods

Made with convenience in this cracking well priced piece of kit is made by imperial tobacco. This tobacco company said enough is enough and has started steps towards making a smoke free life for its customers.

Being one of the largest tobacco companies in the world. You can imagine how much they stand to lose by getting people to make the switch. So we can appreciate their attempt to help make a cleaner life for people knowing it will cost them billions in revenue.

One great perk of being made by such a big company is the quality that brings with it, the tests, the research and the marketing. You can rest assure that blu have all this covered and then some.

Another great perk with these device is the guarantee blu offer with their devices. should you get any technical issues with the batteries, the can be swapped out for brand a new one without any need to worry.

If you would like to quit smoking today then look no further than the myblu starter kit.

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