Outlaws 100ml Shortfill

Outlaws – 100ml Shortfill – 80% VG+

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The Outlaws Are Back!!!

Robin and his crew are back with more flavour and style than ever before. It’s not just the labels we have changed, we have remastered every flavour and don’t look now but it looks like the Sheriff is coming to town with his exotic tropic BONGO JUICE.

Outlaws Flavours:

  • FRIAR TUCK – Cola Bottles, Cola is a real hard one to do so we have tested and tested and this was the best’n. We love feedback, tell us if we cracked it.
  • LITTLE JOHN – Grape gummy sweets, We have completely changed the genetics of this flavour and went a different kind of grapey way.
  • MAID MARIAN  – Sour Cherry Gummies, full of sour cherry flavoury goodness, not one of your 5 a day lol but certainly 1 of your vapes a day.
  • ROBIN HOOD – Lime Gummies, Lime is not for everyone and we know that but sometimes you just gotta go with what the heart wants. 😉
  • SHERIFF OF NOTTS – Tropical BONGO juice, This is the latest addition to the famous Outlaws and though not a friend of our heroes the Sheriff Of Notts certainly has bags of flavour.

Outlaws E Liquid is now 70% VG (From 80%) It comes in a 120ml bottle containing 100ml of 0mg E liquid

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