Riot Squad Shortfills

Riot Squad | 50ml Shortfills

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Riot Squad e-liquids are a UK based company with an uncompromising combination of bold flavours and aesthetics, built from a molecular level for unique taste. These are a range of High VG flavours with serious attitude now available in 50ml shortfills.

These e-liquids are a High VG Liquid, and works best in a Sub Ohm Vape Tank. They are 70% VG+  and come as 50ml of liquid in a 60ml short fill bottle, allowing you to add a nic’ shot if required ? This can be chosen at the dropdown.

Riot Squad Flavours:

  • Blue Burst (NEW)- Immerse yourself into sub-zero tempratures with this icy blue raspberry slush, a menthol explosion to set your senses  alight.
  • Cherry Fizzle –Feel the fizz with this deep cherry vape, its sweet then sour on your taste buds.
  • Cola Cooler – combines a sweet and fizzy cola flavour with a menthol finish. The cola has a slight bitter taste to it, similar to the kola nut. It plays very well with the menthol exhale to create a genuine beverage flavour e-liquid.
  • Grapple and Slapcurrant – is a hard hitting combination of forest fruits. The apple flavour has a crisp taste to it, with sweet and sour notes to it. It’s blended with a ripe tasting blackcurrant flavour with a juicy aftertaste.
  • Iron Bruise –  is an homage to Scotland’s favourite soft drink. A combination of citrus notes with a pronounced orange flavour throughout, that’s blended with a fizzy flavour creating a fresh aftertaste.
  • Menthol Molotov – is a vibrant mix of tropical fruit flavours which will assault your senses with their sweet notes. Hot on it’s heels is a fragrant and cooling menthol for a smooth exhale.
  • Pink Grenade – combines sweet and sour tastes for a summery vibe. Form your first inhale you’ll detect a ripe tasting strawberry flavour with a delicate sweet note, this has been blended with a zingy lemon with a citrus exhale.
  • Purple Burst *NEW* – blends cool and fruity notes for a blend that recreates the taste of fruit slush drink. The juicy and rich taste of blackcurrant is present throughout – given an icy edge by the added menthol.
  • Smashed Apple Pie – is a take on the classic dessert blend. The pastry flavour is buttery and rich with a layered taste, the apple cuts through adding a sweet and light exhale. All topped off with a smooth custard.
  • Strawberry Scream – has fruity and smooth notes throughout. The strawberry flavour is ripe tasting with a delicate sweetness, just like the real thing; the cream adds a smooth exhale and a light finish.
  • Sub-Lime – blends punchy citrus flavours with forest fruits. A tangy lime and lemon combination dominates this liquid, with a subtle blackcurrant flavour adding sweetness for a balanced vape.
  • Tropical Fury – is packed full of tropical fruit flavour, there’s a sweet flavour that will keep you guessing; with hints of pineapple, mangoes and more. The fruit is combined with citrus for a zingy aftertaste.


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