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3.0MHz Vibration Frequency

Take one huge step further

Redefine smooth vapour and guide you

to take a glance at future vaping.

Clean Taste

No Coil, No Mess, Never Burnt

Simply assure you an intense and

original taste from liquids

Allowing you a no-mess

relaxing vape time.

2 in 1 Pod

Dual-use For Nic-Salts and CBD

Good reputation for its best flavour with

Nicotine salts and higher CBD bioavailability.

  • NicSalts
  • CBD

Pioneering TRF Design

The One and OnlyTop-Rotate Filling Design

Say goodbye to mess filling forever.

Be ahead of your need, be ahead of the game.

  • Top-Rotate
  • ChildProof

E-liquid Filling

  • 1. OPENPress the pod lock on both sidesand rotate the mouthpiece anticlockwise by 90°
  • 2. FILLFill e-liquid through filling holes. Mind the MAX line.
  • 3. LOCKRotate the mouthpiece clockwise by 90° until it is click locked. Wait 10 minutes for fully saturated.

Efficient Intake

Noteworthy Ultrasonic Vaping Temperature

Nicotine Salts decomposes easily at high temperature.

Ultrasonic Vaping temperature keeps it from broken and enables

it to be delivered more efficiently.

  • Suitable temperature

  • Unbroken

  • More Smooth

≥ 5000 Puffs

Long-lasting Ultrasonic Chip

According to lab test, one Ultrasonic Chip can last more than 5000 puffs which is much longer than a regular coil. Vape more, save more. Never mind trying to excel.


Magnetic Connection

Easily click in and pull out.

It should always be this simple to vape on the go.

Consistent Performance

Advantaged Ultrasonic Chip

Deliver nicotine dose at consistent levels

Indulging oneself from the first to the last puff.

  • More Stable
  • Ultrasonic Chip

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